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 Saturday 2nd March
The Purbeck School Wareham 

   All members of the Association are invited to the DACA Annual General Meeting.  This is your opportunity to find out what is happening in your Association, meet committee members and put forward ideas and suggestions.  







How to enter Fine Art

Please read the following carefully.  The Association reserves the right to reject entries which do not comply with the entry specifications.


Read this first - information for all entrants


Entry Specifications


Completing the Entry Form

Labelling your Work 


Entry Specifications


Fine Art entries may be of any subject. 


The maximum number of framed pictures which may be entered is five. 


There is no limit to the number of portfolio items which may be entered. 


Fine Art entries must be securely framed with eyelets or "D" rings and a substantial taut cord about 1/3 from the top of the frame.  Pictures which are inadequately framed will not be hung.


Pictures must not be bigger, including the frame, than 75cm x 75cm. 


Clip frames are not accepted. 


Unframed pictures may be entered for display in portfolio racks (browsers).  Each one must be mounted and covered with clear cellophane. 



The following trophies are awarded

  • The Russell Cup for Botanical Illustration, donated by Mr & Mrs Gavin Russell
  • The Centenary Cup for Dorset Land or Seascape, donated by Mrs Anthony Pitt-Rivers
  • The Lewin Cup, for a Novice Painter who first started painting after the age of 65

Entrants must indicate on the entry form whether they wish their work to be considered for a trophy. 

How to complete the Entry Form


Download the Entry Form.


Please remember to complete both copies of the form with all the information required.     


Column 1 - Enter 'FA' (Fine Art)


Column 2 - Enter the Category code from the list below

A  -   Acrylics

B  -   Water Colour

-   Oils

D  -   Pastels

E  -   Pen

F  -   Pencil

G  -  Gouache

H  -  Mixed Media

J  -   Other medium (specify)


Column 3 - Select the appropriate code from the list below  

Competition Entry (judged) enter code - 

B  -   Botanical Illustration Trophy

L   -   Dorset Land or Seascape Trophy

N  -   Lewin Cup (Novice painters) 

Open Entry (not judged) enter code - 

P  -   Portfolio

-  Open


Column 4 - The title/description of the item (max five words)


Column 5 - The selling price (including 20% commission) or 'NFS' (Not For Sale)  

If the column is left blank it will be assumed that the item is not for sale.


Column 6 - Size     S - max 25cm  x 25cm

                                 M - max 50cm x 50cm 

                                 L - max 75cm x 75cm


Labelling your work


Each entry, framed or unframed, must be clearly labelled on the back of the entry with the following

Full Name (of the artist submitting the work)

Entry Number (shown on part 2 of the entry registration form)

Title (of the work)

Medium(s) (details of the medium(s) used e.g. oils, acrylic, etc.)

Trophy Entry / Open Entry.  State code from Column 3 of your Entry Form.  

Price or "NFS"