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 Saturday 2nd March
The Purbeck School Wareham 

   All members of the Association are invited to the DACA Annual General Meeting.  This is your opportunity to find out what is happening in your Association, meet committee members and put forward ideas and suggestions.  







How to enter Craft

Please read the following carefully.  The Association reserves the right to reject entries which do not comply with the entry requirements for the section in which the work is entered.


Read this first - information for all entrants


Guidance for Craft Entrants

List of Craft Sections

Judging and Trophies

Completing the Entry Form

Labelling your Work



Guidance for Craft Entrants


Exhibitors should attach details of the materials used and sources of inspiration to their entry.  

Presentation and finish, including any information provided, will be taken into account by the judge.

Copyright must be acknowledged where applicable. 


List of craft sections


Select your craft from the list below.    


Beadwork Paper Crafts
China Painting Patchwork and Quilting
Crochet Penmanship
Dress Pottery
Felting Recycled
Glass Spinning
Jewellery Textile Art
Knitting Toys
Lace Traditional Dorset Crafts
Metalwork Weaving
Models Woodwork
Needlework Other Crafts



Judging and trophies


Separate trophies are awarded for the majority of the craft sections. 


The Corn-utopia Cup (donated by Audrey and David Rolfe) will be presented to the best exhibit in a section without a dedicated trophy. 


How to complete the entry form


Download the Entry Form.  


Please remember to complete both copies of the form with all the information required.


Column 1  -     Enter The Section identification code - e.g. BW for Beadwork

Column 2 -      Leave blank

Column 3  -     Enter one of: 

"O"  -  Original (designed and produced without using a commercial pattern)  

"P"   -  A commercial pattern (instructions from leaflet / book etc. ) has been used

"A"   -  Adapted (commercial pattern used as base and then adapted)

"K"   -  Kit

"AK" - Adapted Kit

"W"  - Produced in a workshop with a tutor    


Column 4  -    The title/description of the item (max five words). 


Column 5  -    The selling price (including 20% commission) or "NFS" (Not For Sale). 

                        If the column is left blank it will be assumed that the item is not for sale.


Column 6 -     Leave blank, except if entering in Patchwork and Quilting (see section instructions)


Labelling your Work

The label(s) supplied on receipt of your entry form must be securely attached to each entry.  If you are entering more than one item, please ensure that you attach the correct label to each item.