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 Saturday 2nd March
The Purbeck School Wareham 

   All members of the Association are invited to the DACA Annual General Meeting.  This is your opportunity to find out what is happening in your Association, meet committee members and put forward ideas and suggestions.  







Work by People with Disabilities

 Please read the following carefully.  The Association reserves the right to reject entries which do not comply with the entry requirements for the section in which the work is entered. 


Read this first - information for all entrants



Judging and Trophies

Completing the Entry Form





The Association welcomes entries from those with any form of disability.     The disability must influence the Exhibitor's ability to create his/her craft.   


Work may be entered in any of the Craft, Fine Art or Photography Sections.   Paintings will be exhibited but not judged.


Refer to the Fine ArtPhotography or Craft pages for the relevant entry specifications for the work being entered. 



 Judging and Trophies


The Association encourages entrants to provide details of their disability.  This information is very useful to the judges but will not be displayed to the public unless the entrant asks for this to be done.


The following trophies are awarded:


The Seaborne Challenge Cup  for any craft item made by an individual or group with a physical disability.

 The Russell Sherman Cup (given in his memory by Miss Sherman)

                                                        for any craft item made by an individual or group with a learning disability.

 The Challenge Cup for the Blind

 The Bert Tucker Goblet  for canework by a blind person


How to complete the entry form


Please select your entry form from the list below:


if you are entering as an individual, download the Individual Entry Form.  

If you are entering a piece of work from a group, download the Group Work Entry Form

If you are a group entering work by more than one maker, download the Multiple Individual Entry Form.


Please remember to complete both copies of the form with all the information required. 


Column 1  -  Enter "DIS/L" (learning disability) or "DIS/P" (physical disability) or "DIS/V" (visually impaired)


Column 2 -   Enter the Section e.g. POT (for pottery)

                               (refer to the relevant Fine Art, Craft or Photography page for appropriate codes).  


Column 3 -   Leave blank


Column 4 -   The title/description of the item (max five words).


Column 5 -   The selling price (including 20% commission) or "NFS" (Not For Sale"). 

                       If the Column is left blank, it will be assumed that the article is not for sale. 


Column 6 -   Leave blank, except if entering in Patchwork and Quilting (see section instructions)