Maggie Grey


We are delighted to welcome Maggie Grey to our exhibition this year.   

Maggie Grey work


Maggie has written many books on textile art, both for B.T Batsford and D4daisy Books. She has travelled widely, running courses around the world, teaching by invitation in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada where she had a most successful exhibition.


One of her most exciting occupations was being part of a team developing textile modules for the Royal College of Art Schools Technology Project. This involved visiting the College where you might find yourself sitting next to somebody famous in the canteen. At this time, Maggie was also editor of Embroidery magazine for the Embroiderers’ Guild.


Maggie established the internet magazine Workshop on the Web which is now published as a book Maggie Grey’s WOWbook, which has a free integrated website with workshops and courses.


Her exhibitions in the UK have included gallery shows with the exhibiting group Wessex Textiles and travelling exhibitions with the Knitting & Stitching Show. Her work is held in many private collections.


Maggie's work is always inspiration-led, from the natural world to old manuscripts, from places to faces, especially old faces in grave paintings or statues, all is grist to the mill. Recent work has been concerned with story-telling and is generally mixed media, with paper as a base for hand stitching.  She prefers to let inspiration lead the process rather than deciding on a technique first.


Image © Maggie Grey