We are very sorry to learn of the death of Alan Brown, hurdlemaker.   Alan demonstrated his work every year at our Summer Exhibition, and was always popular with visitors.  He will be greatly missed by everyone at DACA.

Alan was one  of the last traditional hurdlemakers, working full-time in the trade and making hurdles in the wood where the hazel was coppiced with the skills and tools passed down from father to son.   In 2019, at the age of 82 and after six decades of making hurdles and spars, and providing pea-sticks and bean-rods, Alan decided it was time to to hang up his billhook.  He and his son Steve were the sixth and seventh generation of the family to make hurdles and can trace the trade in the family back to the 19th Century.

The funeral service and a celebration of Alan’s life will be held at Holy Rood Church, Wool on Friday 13th March at 2pm.