Summer Exhibition - Entering Work
Who can enter work?

Anyone resident in Dorset and DACA Members living outside Dorset.

How do I enter work?

Follow the instructions on our Enter Your Work and related pages

I've missed the deadline -can I still enter work

No, I’m sorry, due to complexities of organising the exhibition we cannot accept entries after the deadline.

How much does it cost to enter work?

Maximum of £2 per entry, see the Entry Fees chart on our Enter Your Work page.

Stalls at DACA Events
How do I apply for a stall?

Complete a stallholder registration application form.

Do I have to be a DACA member to apply for a stall?

No, but you would need to be a member of DACA at the time of the event you are participating in.

Can all DACA members apply for a stall?

All DACA members and non-members can apply to join our stallholder register. Invitations to apply for stalls are circulated to everyone on the stallholder register.

Can we have a pitch or space to display work by our group / charity / good cause ?

Due to the pressure on exhibition space we are unable to offer free display space.  Our Guest exhibition and demonstration space is allocated by invitation only.

Can you advertise my class / workshop / event?

We can promote art/ craft and photography events on The Hub.

Can you suggest how I can dispose of a relative's work/equipment?

We can accept donations of art/ craft & photography books for our plant & book stall, but regret we cannot sell any equipment or individual’s work not entered in the exhibition.