We have arranged a special day for DACA members at Knoll Gardens near Wimborne on Friday 22nd May from 10am to 4pm. .

The Knoll Gardens Foundation will welcome members of the Dorset Arts and Crafts Association to the garden free-of-charge on Friday 22nd May as part of the charity’s drive to promote wildlife friendly gardening with the ‘wow factor’ to the local community.  This award-winning garden is sure to provide plenty of stimulation for your art, craft and photography work.

No admission charge for DACA members, but you must show proof of membership on arrival.

Based just outside Wimborne, the Knoll Gardens Foundation is a charity working to understand the relationship between Knoll’s naturalistic planting style and the garden’s wildlife. Its research will help everyone take better planting decisions and create beautiful spaces that work for the gardener, the garden and its wildlife.  The Knoll Gardens Foundation education programme includes wildlife and horticultural walks and talks, family-friendly events and a regular toddler group.  For more information on the charity, 2020 events and volunteering opportunities go to knollgardensfoundation.org   Knoll Gardens, Wimborne BH21 7ND 01202 873931

Knoll Gardens in July: photo Lucy Shergold