Members of DACA may submit items for sale that they have personally created. A printable version of the rules can be found here  Work_For_Sale_Instructions-2024

You may enter a maximum of 15 item lines overall.

The items can be a mixture of craft, fine art or photography but, within the 15 item lines, the following limits apply:

Fine ArtFine Art entries must be securely framed with eyelets or "D" rings and a substantial taut cord about 1/3 from the top of the frame. Clip frames or pictures which are inadequately framed will not be accepted. Pictures must not have a perimeter larger than 300 cm
PhotographyMaximum of 8 mounted photographs.
Portfolio ItemsMaximum of 5 portfolio items (Photographs, Fine Art or Prints – wrapped in cellophane).
Cards /
Small multiple items in sealed cellophane envelopes
(max size 18cm x 16cm x 3cm)
All items on a line must have same selling price and quantity included in the description. Multiple lines of small items are permitted. Maximum of 50 cards/small items across all lines.

There is no charge for submitting items for sale. DACA will take 25% commission on all sales.

Not all items will be on display for the full duration of the event but every effort will be made to display at least 3 items from each member on day one and every item for at least two days (unless sold).

Business cards may be left when the items are handed in.

Please use the online form below to submit your details, noting the following:

  • Choose the item code from the drop down list.
  • The Item Description should contain information suitable for use as a label.
  • Provide information on size for any large items, particularly Fine Art and Quilts.
  • The selling price should be in whole pounds. For items priced at less than £10, units of 10 pence are permitted (i.e £2.90, not £2.99).
  • Please note that the closing date for submissions is Friday 12th July 2024.

The information you enter will be used to produce labels for your work. These will be posted to you, for attaching to your work, along with a copy of your submission details and some flyers which we ask that you use to help publicise the event.

If you cannot use the online form, follow this link for a print and post version of the form work for sale form 2024 .  If you have any queries or require a hard copy version of the form, please contact the Entries Secretary ( or tel 01305 816530).

If you wish to enter items into one or more of our Judged Competitions, either as a member or a non-member, please do so by following this link. Enter Judged Competitions

    Please use this form only if you are a DACA Member submitting items of work for sale in the 2024 Showcase

    Please enter the details for each item

    Sun 28th July 10:00am - 1:00pmSun 28th July 2:00pm - 4:00pmMon 29th July 10:00am - 1:00pm

    Wed 7th Aug 11:00am - 1:00pmWed 7th Aug 2:00pm - 4:00pm

    Payment (after deduction of commission) for sold items will be made by Sunday 18th August by cheque or by bank transfer if the correct bank account details are provided below.

    Handing in your work

    Attach the correct label (supplied by the Association) to each item (for craft items please use at least a 30cm thread)

    Deliver the items to The Purbeck School, Wareham, at your agreed drop off time & date

    Collection of items

    Unsold items will be available for collection DURING YOUR SPECIFIED TIMES on Wednesday 7th August only.

    Collection is your responsibility: the Association has no storage facilities.

    Please ensure that you are a member before submitting this form.