Craft Sections




Section code BW

Includes beadwoven jewellery, loomwork, 3D beadweaving and bead embroidery.

Excludes beaded jewellery made with large beads or crystals – enter in the Jewellery section.

Calligraphy and Lettering

Section code CL

Includes calligraphy with or without decoration, illumination, designs for painted and engraved letters

China Painting

China Painting

Section code CP

Includes kiln fired on-glaze decoration only.


Section code CRO

Includes garments, accessories and other items in any fibre, using any technique.

Dolls’ clothes may be displayed on a doll if you wish; the doll will not be judged.

Excludes beaded crochet – enter in the Beadwork section.


Section code DRS

Includes dressmaking, tailoring, millinery, baby and children’s wear.

A dressmaker’s dummy is required for full length garments.

Excludes embellishments for commercially produced garments – enter in the Textile section.


Section FEL

Includes pictorial (2D), objects (3D), nuno felt, needle felt, wearable items.

Excludes work made from commercially made felt.  This should be entered in the  ‘Other Crafts’ or ‘Toys’ section.


Section code GL

Includes traditional leaded stained glass, “Tiffany-style” stained glass, kilnformed glass, painted and fired glass, engraved glass, simulated “stained glass”, individual lampwork items such as beads.

Excludes jewellery made from lampwork – enter in the Jewellery section.


Section code JWL

Includes jewellery made using any technique and any material(s).

For beaded jewellery, please state if the beads were made by the exhibitor.


Section code KNT

Includes baby and children’s wear, adult garments, any other knitted item, knitted lace.

Dolls’ clothes may be displayed on a doll if you wish; the doll will not be judged.

Attach the maker’s label of the yarn, or state the ply of wool used.

State whether a machine has been used.


Section code LAC

Includes all bobbin laces, tatting, needle lace and any other lace making techniques.

Please state which techniques have been used.


Section code MW

Includes wrought iron, engineered and machined work, brass and copper, lead (including toys), pewter, enamelling on metal, goldsmithing and silversmithing.

Excludes jewellery made from gold or silver – enter in the Jewellery section.


Section code MOD

Includes static and working models.

Models should not be more than 150cm long.

Instructions on how to operate working models should be provided for judging.   The public will not be permitted to operate working models unless express permission is provided by the exhibitor.


Section code NW

Includes hand embroidery, machine embroidery, cross stitch, counted thread work, canvas work, plastic canvas work.

Embroidered pictures must have a secure method of hanging.

Patchwork and Quilting

Section code PQ

Includes hand or machine pieced, appliquéd or quilted work.

Includes large and small quilts, quilted items, clothing where patchwork, appliqué or quilting is a major part of the construction.

For all wall hung work the size in centimetres should be entered in column 5 of your entry form.

Quilts and wallhangings must have a 10cm minimum sleeve attached on the reverse for hanging, unless the piece includes an integral hanging system.


Section code POT

Includes porcelain, stoneware (fired above 1200oC), earthenware (fired below 1200oC ), cast ware, raku ware.


Section code RC

Work must contain at least 95% recycled material.


Section code SP

Includes skein of handspun yarn (skein to be 25 metres or more), items made from handspun yarn.

For items made from hand-spun yarn, include a sample of the original fibre and a note of the spinning technique used.

Textile Art

Section code TEX

Includes batik/ shibori/ resist/ tie and dye, painting/ printing on silk, silk-screen printing, block printing, painting/ printing with embroidery, encaustic painting, garment embellishments, hand-dyed yarns and articles made from these, silk flowers, cord knotting and macramé, soft furnishings.

Excludes soft furnishings using predominantly patchwork, appliqué or quilting techniques – enter in the Patchwork & Quilting section.


Section code TOY

Includes children’s toys, decorative and heirloom toys, dolls houses and miniatures.

Children’s toys must be washable and comply with relevant safety regulations.

Please attach a label indicating if any parts of the entry are not to be judged.

Traditional Dorset Crafts

Section code DOR

Includes Dorset buttons (individual buttons, sets of buttons, or buttons used in a creative way), bonnets, smocks and any item using Dorset featherstitch.

Includes corn dollies and straw work.



Section code WEV

Includes handwoven cloth and items incorporating handwoven fabric as a major part of the item, woven braid (min 30cm length) and items incorporating this, handwoven rugs, wall hangings and tapestries.

Please attach a label stating the type of yarns used, the weave structure and the sett of cloth (epi/ epcm).


Section code WW

Includes any article of wood, using any woodworking technique, using seasoned or unseasoned / green wood.

Other Crafts

Section code  OC

We welcome all types of craft work, whether or not there is a specific section listed.

If your craft is new, or unusual, or even obscure, then this is the section for you.

Please attach a label to your work giving information about the craft techniques involved and materials used.