Please read the general entry instructions on the Enter Your Work page first, this page includes entry fee information etc.

Guidance for Craft Entrants

Exhibitors should attach to their work a label no larger than 10.5 x 15 cm (4” x 6”), with details of materials used and sources of inspiration. This information along with the finish and overall presentation will be taken into account by the judge. 

Copyright must be acknowledged where applicable.

How to complete the entry form

Please remember to complete both copies of the form with all the information required.

Column 1Enter the Craft Section identification code – e.g. BW for Beadwork
Column 2Enter one of:
OOriginal (designed and produced without using a commercial pattern)
PA commercial pattern (instructions from leaflet/ book etc) has been used.
AAdapted (commercial pattern used as starting point and then adapted)
AKAdapted Kit
WProduced in a workshop with a tutor
Column 3The title/description of the item (max five words)
Column 4The selling price (including 20% commission) or “NFS” (Not For Sale). If the column is left blank it will be assumed that the item is not for sale.
Column 5Leave blank, except if entering in Patchwork or Quilting (see section instructions)
Craft Sections

To find the correct code for your craft section please refer to the Craft Sections list.

Entry Forms

Print and Post Craft Entry Form                                                     On-Line Craft Entry Form