Please read the general entry instructions on the Enter Your Work page first, this page includes entry fee information etc.

Entry Specification
  • The maximum number of photographs which may be entered is five.
  • Entries can be in colour or monochrome, must be mounted on stiff card, and must not be framed.
  • The minimum size of mounts is 20cm x 25cm and the maximum is 40cm x 50cm. Mounts should be clean and presentable.
  • The labels returned with the Photography Form 2 must be secured to the back of each entry.
How to complete the Entry Form

Please remember to complete both copies of the form with all the information required.

Column 1Enter 'PH'
Column 2Enter the Category code:
AWildlife or Nature
BLand or Seascape
Column 3The title/description of the item (max five words).
Column 4The selling price (including 20% commission) or "NFS". If the column is left blank it will be assumed that the item is not for sale.
Entry Forms

Print & Post Photography Entry Form                          On-Line Photography Entry Form