Applying for a stall at a DACA Event

If you would like to apply for a stall at a DACA event, we have the following 2 stage system:

  1. All potential stall holders must initially have their work approved by the DACA committee.
  2. Stallholders whose work has been approved will then be invited to apply for a stall at subsequent DACA events.

DACA events are curated to ensure a balanced mix of different craft disciplines to provide maximum visitor appeal.  Priority is given to artists and craftworkers resident in Dorset.

All our stallholders are required to meet the following criteria when participating in a DACA event –

• The stallholder must be a member of DACA
• All craftwork on the stall has to be handmade by the stall applicant
• The stallholder must have Public Liability cover for 5 million pounds, valid for the duration of the event they are participating in.
• New stallholder applicants are asked to supply 5 good quality photos of their work or samples for approval by the committee

If you would like to apply, please complete the Stallholder Registration form and submit it, together with the required photographs to

Print & Post Stallholder Registration Form               On-Line Stallholder Registration Form

If you have any questions regarding Art & Craft Stalls at DACA events, please email