Potential stallholders who have already been approved and listed on the DACA Stallholders Register may use this form to apply for a specific stall at Showcase 2024.

    Please use this form for applying for a Stall at Showcase 2024 (Friday 2nd - Tuesday 6th August 2024)

    You will receive a copy of your submission by return email.

    Details above marked with † will appear in the Showcase programme and on the DACA website. If you do not have a trading name, we will use your Forename and Surname in the listing.

    Details above marked with †† will be used on the DACA website to include links to your social media accounts.

    Your requirements

    Stall or pitch size

    The following sizes are available




    Indoor size 1

    1.4 sq metres


    Indoor size 2

    1.8 sq metres


    Indoor size 3

    2.1 sq metres


    Indoor size 4

    2.5 sq metres


    Indoor size 5

    2.9 sq metres


    Outdoor size 1

    5m x 5m


    Outdoor size 2

    8m x 5m


    The indoor stall sizes refer to the total table selling area. The layout of the stall will vary (e.g. rectangular, L-shaped).

    The outdoor pitches are sized to fit a 3m x 3m gazebo (size 1) or a 6m x 3m (size 2). Please ensure you book the correct size for your gazebo. You will need to supply your own gazebo, tables and chairs for outdoor pitches

    Please select your pitch size

    Do you need electricity?

    All electrical items must have a current PAT certificate. PAT testing can be done in situ by DACA at a cost of £5 for up to 5 items.

    Do you need us to PAT test your items?

    If your application is successful, you will receive a conditional offer of a stall/ pitch. We will then require
    payment, membership renewal and proof of your Public Liability Insurance within 2 weeks of the offer for your
    stall/ pitch to be confirmed.

    Closing Date for Applications - 31st January 2024